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D1.1 Quality   management plan WP1 The Quality management plan is a key plan for the project management, and it includes the guidelines for financial reporting, the presentation of quality measures for the deliverables and reports to the European Commission, the measures to ensure timely reporting, and their approval process. It is reviewed by all partners at the beginning of the project, prior to the first General Assembly. This Quality Assurance Plan is seen as prerequisite for a successful project management and monitoring. March   2015  pdf 26

Definition of services and use cases description


This document describes the services to be investigated in the project and the related use cases, either to be demonstrated or simulated due to technical or regulatory constraints.

pdf 26
D2.2 Definition of project overall system architecture WP2

The Deliverable  2.2  describes, for the system architecture of the whole project, the functional and non-functional requirements, allowing the provision of the envisaged services. The attention is focused on integration and interfaces issues (with existing equipment). Requirements in particular address the need for standardization, nondiscriminate accessibility to all players in the market (including new players) and interoperability. Possible barriers are highlighted, such as regulatory limitations or additional requirements such as cyber security and data privacy issues.

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D2.3 Data model and interfaces WP2

This Deliverable defines the architecture of the data exchanges, specifying formats, standards and communication protocols to be adopted, guaranteeing privacy, safety and security of data, in order to guarantee interoperability and service accessibility to all the players in the market and the entry of new players at EU level.

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D3.1 Definition of project KPIs and common methodology across the demos WP3

In order to evaluate the project performances some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been defined, that are directly linked to the overall goals of the project. The scope of this document is to report the definition of these KPIs and the methodology to calculate them.

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B2B Data Standard
European Meter Exchange Data CIM


The FLEXICIENCY project is constantly investigating standardization going always step forward in this domain. In the WP2, most areas to be shared and standardized among EU Energy Market Players have been gathered. As a first step, a common language and semantics for B2B data exchange at EU level was defined in D2.3. In particular, the data architecture was specified and data sets constituting the logical data model and objects to be shared were detailed to reach a standardization of common messages.
In this document, a detailed data modeling for B2B communication is defined to support the interactions between the main users of FLEXICIENCY. In particular, a detailed specification is provided for B2B Metering data exchanges. This model is based on CIM (Common Information Model) standard where further attributes have been added to fit to FLEXICIENCY use cases. This model is called EUMED CIM for European Union Metering Exchange Data CIM format.
This model specifies the main inputs for B2B interface implementation. It may be amended in an incremental way after validation through FLEXICIENCY demonstrations.


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D6.0 Annex: Schema definitions

1) XML Schema Definition of Flexiciency EUMED-CIM version 1.2 (entities).
2) XML Schema Definition of Flexiciency EUMED-CIM version 1.2 (data types).
3) Flexiciency B2B Communication for Meter Readings Data Exchange version 1.3.

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Report on the integration of the infrastructure with the new Services/Aggregator platforms


The deliverable provides the results obtained by the integration (prototyping and deployment) of different equipment (energy box, V2H, etc.) and systems with the new Service/Aggregator platform in Malaga City demo site.

January 2018 pdf 26
D10.3 Mapping of regulatory enablers and barriers WP10

To assess the viability of the consumer centric services demonstrated during the project, it is not only important to estimate the potential economic value they could represent (which will be part of the Deliverable D10.2), but also to assess whether these services could really be offered in each market, considering therefore the regulatory framework that exists in this market.

September 2017 pdf 26
D11.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan WP11 The Dissemination and Communication Plan outlines the strategy for the dissemination and the communication activities which will be carried out during the project. This deliverable also details the main dissemination objectives, the target audiences, the communication channels and the dissemination tools. The document include the definitions of the main key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities carried out.  January 2016 pdf 26
D11.6 Final Project Report and Recommendations WP11 The Final Project Report and Recommendations deliverable provides a summary of the project results together with the recommendations for the implementation of the European Market Place for energy efficiency and demand response services.  March 2019 pdf 26