Italy (WP5)

The objective of the Italian demonstration is to provide, in a real customer environment, innovative services in the area of advanced energy monitoring (where metering data are made available in real time to real customers and third parties for them to provide services) and local energy control (on the basis of defined objective curves addressing an active energy management at customer premises). In particular, alongside pure information, feedback and alarms will be used to notify customers, who will be assisted by energy data analysis and comparison services to better address behavioural strategies. Customers might also react and accordingly adjust their energy behaviour on the basis of dynamic price signals. In addition, load modulation and control would be locally performed following predefined objectives (e.g. energy efficiency, environmental, consumptions reduction objectives) accounting for customer needs and under their consent. Considering a different level of customer interaction, about 5.000 customers will be targeted for advanced monitoring services (out of which 500 customers will be also provided with local energy control services) addressing both residential and non-residential customers. Appropriate recruitment strategies will be adopted to maximise customer engagement and involvement throughout the project leveraging on the experience of national and European funded projects.

The Italian demonstration will be located in the area of Bologna (Northern Italy).