France (WP6)

The purpose of the French demonstration is the validation of a use case related to advanced monitoring and local control (demand response) services. The actors involved in this use case will be the local French DSO and European players (service provider, aggregator). The purpose is to show the European added value of the market place: a UK-based player active in demand response services wants to operate on the French market. The UK-based player sends a request, via the market place, to obtain data on the control zone of interest. The corresponding DSO, Enedis, provides the UK-based player (KiwiPower) with the relevant data. After simulations performed with its own tools, the UK-based market player sends a request, via the market place, to a service provider (Joule Assets), based in Holland, for further economic assessment. Apart from the technical added value (processing of data by Enedis, simulations run by KiwiPower and analysis through the Joule ERA Tool), the demonstration will highlight the added value of the market place in terms of opening-up of the electricity retail markets.