Austria (WP9)

The purpose of the Austrian demonstration is two-fold:

  • provide advanced monitoring services and local optimisation to to residential and small commercial customers (in a control zone where no smart-meters have been deployed) and demonstrate aggregation of flexibility of small customers (including prosumers) through simulations,
  • demonstrate demand response and distributed generation flexibilities of commercial and industrial customers by an independent pan-European aggregator.

It will be demonstrated that by providing fine-grained distributed demand and DRES generation forecasts and by managing local loads and storage to match demand with local generation, the prosumer as well as the DSO and Balancing Responsible Parties will benefit from reduced grid usage. The integration with energy and reserve power markets will be simulated and economically assessed. Demand Response (DR) and Distributed Generation (DG) flexibilities will be aggregated by the European Demand Response Center (EDRC), operated by cyberGRID in cooperation with VERBUND Solutions GmbH. cyberGRID and VERBUND Solutions GmbH will jointly emulate an independent pan-European aggregator. Its flexibility pool will be comprised by Commercial and Industrial (C&I) consumers.