Endesa Distribución

 Endesa Distribución 535x200Endesa Distribución Electrica is part of the Endesa Group, the largest electric utility in Spain and the largest private power company in Latin America. Endesa Distribución distributes electricity in 20 Spanish provinces of nine regions, Catalonia, Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, Aragon, Extremadura, Castilla-Leon, Navarra and Valencia, covering an area of 192,790 km2 and a population of approx. 22 million. The number of customers with contracts for access to the distribution network of the company in 2011 reached 11.9 million. The length of the distribution lines deployed by Endesa Distribución in Spain till 2011 was 321 463 km, of which 40 percent were underground lines. Endesa Distribución assumes the growing importance of Technology and Innovation (T & I) as a driver of growth for sustainable energy and the development of intangible assets, talent and expertise, conducting an intense and ongoing effort in this field focusing on activities that contribute to respond the technical challenges faced by its business, especially the Smart Grids and efficiency technologies.