ENEDISEnedis activity consists in channeling the electricity sold by the various energy suppliers, whoever they are, to end-customers. This activity is part of the ‘regulated sector’ of the electricity market in France. Enedis operates the distribution network in mainland France. It guarantees access to the network for all users, applying objective, transparent, and non-discriminatory standards. As an industrial concession operator Enedis is responsible for developing, operating and maintaining the asset base in France and for providing a public service. Enedis , a wholly-owned EDF subsidiary, is a public limited company with a board of directors and a supervisory board. It employs 38,211 people and operates 618,000 km of low voltage lines, 697,000 km of high voltage lines and 35 million delivery points in metropolitan France. EDF serves approximately 34,000 of the 36,500 towns in France, providing 95% of the electrical capacity distributed in France. The remaining 5% is distributed by Local Distribution Companies.