EventTypeDatePlaceNews and material
FLEXICIENCY kick-off meeting Meeting 03-04/02/2015 Rome, Italy  newspaper 50x50
Cooperation meeting of Energy 2013.7.1.1. projects Meeting 19/03/2015 Aachen, Germany  newspaper 50x50 
InnoGrid2020+ 2015 - 4th Annual Conference Conference 31/03-01/04/2015 Brussels, Belgium  newspaper 50x50
Austria Smart Grids Week - 
Infrastructure for New Energy Markets
Conference 18-22/05/2015 Wien, Austria  newspaper 50x50
CIRED 2015 Conference 15-18/06/2015 Lyon, France  newspaper 50x50
Greencities & Sustainability 2015 Forum 07-08/10/2015 Málaga, Spain  newspaper 50x50
European Utility Week 2015 Conference 03-05/11/2015 Barcelona, Spain PDF PDF
DSO Unit - Working Group Distribution Customers and Grid Management
Conference 17/11/2015 Brussels,  Belgium  PDF
SiNGULAR FP7 Project Global Joint Conference Conference 27/11/2015 Lisbon, Portugal PDF 
evolvDSO FP7 - Advisory Board Advisory Board 04/03/2016 Brussels,  Belgium  
FLEXICIENCY H2020 - Advisory Board Advisory Board 17/03/2016 Brussels,  Belgium newspaper 50x50PDF 
6th ETP Smartgrids General Assembly Conference 19/05/2016 Brussels,  Belgium  
Workshop on DSO market facilitation - Vlerick Business School  Workshop 26/05/2016 Gent, Belgium  
EUSEW - The empowered consumer at the core of the power system transition Conference 16/06/2016 Brussels,  Belgium  
InnoGrid2020+ 2016 - 5th Annual Conference Conference 08-09/06/2016 Brussels,  Belgium  
GreenCities: Forum of Urban Intelligence and Sustainability Forum 05/-06/10/2016 Málaga, Spain PDF
CIRED 2017 Conference 14-15/06/2017 Glasgow, Scotland newspaper 50x50 PDF 
European Utility Week 2017 Conference 3-5/10/2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands newspaper 50x50
FLEXICIENCY Stakeholder Meeting Workshop 06/03/2018 Brussels, Belgium newspaper 50x50
Greencities 2018 Forum 25-26/04/2018 Málaga, Spain PDF
CIRED 2018 Conference 7-8/6/2018 Ljubljana, Slovenia newspaper 50x50PDFPDF
European Utility Week 2018 Conference 6-8/11/2018 Vienna, Austria newspaper 50x50