Recap of the Market Place webinar - find the Q&A

Missed the EU Market Place webinar or wish to re-visit the presentations? The recording is published now online! 

The EU Market Place is a platform where suppliers and users of demand flexibility and other novel services meet. The platform is being developed as part of the FLEXICIENCY project and has reached a stage where it is ready to be showcased to you. In the designated webinar we wanted to introduce the key elements and functionalities of the Market Place, as well as demonstrate how in practice the project pilots are making use of the platform.

Please find the published webinar recording here, below you can also find answers to questions sent during the webinar.

video3 50x50 Introduction to the project and the current status by Thomas Mikkelsen, VaasaETT

video3 50x50 00:10:58 "How to" introduction to Market Place functionalities and general practicalities - becoming a market player that can search, discover subscribe or publish services on the EU Market Place by Zvone Gazvoda, University of Ljubljana
video3 50x50 00:38:03 Scope and progress of the pilot in France by Karima Boukir, Enedis
video3 50x50 00:49:19 How a small player like KiWi Power is able to take advantage of the platform and use it to develop their business strategy in various markets by Mircea Bukur, KiWi Power
video3 50x50 00:55:35 Q&A


Q1: What standard is used for exchange of energy data?

The data model is CIM based with additional objects dedicated to the exchange messages and some additional attributes on existing CIM objects. For more information, see document D6.0 ‘B2B Data Standard European Meter Exchange Data CIM ‘ on FLEXICIENCY website.

Q2: On the form to register a new market player there was an option where an URL endpoint could be setup to collect metering data. Is this the case? Could you share more information regarding this option?

There are different URLs (all optional):

  • Registration form – URL is an optional field for more info on the company.
  • Service description – A user can add more details on a service. This can be an URL or any other information.
  • For IT integration with the Market Place - A communication set up is done for each platform to interact with the Market Place if the related companies are willing to.
  • Data delivery - Details on data delivery (IT process/means, granularity, costs, …) maybe added at the B2B level, outside the Market Place.
Q3: How is a Data analytics company categorized in the platform for registration? 

Data analytics can be provided by either regulated player (for regulated energy metering data) and Unregulated player (for other technology related data : PV, weather, …). This can be a subcategory of aggregated data (as you need a large number of customers to perform the analytics, by sampling and profiling for instance).

Q4: Is there any assessment of the quality of data or services exposed in the Market Place?

For regulated metering data, parameters for quality of data are embedded in the data model, by ReadingQuality object. This is part of responsibility of the regulated data custodian (mainly DSOs in EU).


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