Greetings from Greencities Malaga

FLEXICIENCY was present again this year in the Greencities Malaga fair that took place 25th and 26th of April, and represented by Jaime Briales and Eduardo Poyato from the Municipality of Málaga.

In this year's event, there were  3,500 attendees according the information published by Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga. The project was nicely displayed in the municipal stand, and approximately 50 people expressed special interest in our work. Most of the people interested in the project asked about the role of the Municipality of Málaga and the final benefits for the consumer regarding the EU Market Place.

A special thanks for Re!maning Foundation (, that FLEXICIENCY representatives had the pleasure of meeting. During the encountering, Jaime and Eduardo explained them the deployment of Smart Info in small buildings, energy boxes and analyzers in large buildings, the monitoring in the EMS as well as the use case of the home pilot.

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