Thank You, FLEXICIENCY - final event materials public

FLEXICIENCY project has come to an end, and the consortium would like to warmly thank everyone who has contributed to the project, the time, efforts and ideas that we received for the benefit of the project outcomes.

We as a consortium are proud to have finalised the development of the ICT platform, the EU Market Place and being able to test it across the demos - thus exceeding the planned work scope - and also with external stakeholders and actors outside the project. The results and learnings are made available on this website, hopefully benefitting the European community and enabling new energy services and entrants to enter the markets across borders.

Remember to familiarise yourself with the final materials of the project:

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The final event video to summarise the atmosphere and the benefits of the FLEXICIENCY work and results for different market players and partners is published!

 Review of the final event in the form of the Final Event booklet is also available online.


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