Outcomes of the Identity Provider webinar (12/12/2016)

The FLEXICIENCY project was pleased to organise our first webinar on Identity Provider issues. The agenda covered the customer consent process, which is one of the most important issues that have been tackled by the FLEXICIENCY project.

The webinar held on 12 Dec 2016 was organised by Enedis in collaboration with Memority, in order to share technical implementation of a standardised protocol (OAuth2) for customer authentication in the process of consent management for metering data delivery to a third party.

During the webinar, the representatives of Memority, Aurélie Bourgeois and Francis Grégoire, provided us with an introductionary presentation about the solution and insights into its authentication and identity management features.

Additionally, it was interesting to hear about the real-life application of the Memority solution and how it was adjusted for the needs of smart grid projects, such as SOLENN. Sylvestre Munier (Enedis) presented a demo of the solution implementation in SOLENN project for authentication and consent management. Interestingly, the Oauth2 Standard used in the SOLENN project is the same as the one chosen in FLEXICIENCY (this standard was also inspired by the Green Button Connect). In short, the Memority solution is providing authentication of customers who wish to allow metering data delivery to a third party through data custodian platform, as in this case, Enedis portail.

Throughout the webinar there was active discussion among the participants, and the authentication process raised questions about how the user profiles are synchronised between the SOLENN platform, Memority solution and Enedis portal, if at all.

The webinar gave a good overview to the Identity Provider aspects as well as the challenges and opportunities it entails. We look forward to the future webinars, and want to take the opportunity to already now to welcome new participants to join our events.

A warm thank you to all webinar participants! 

More information about FLEXICIENCY project: http://www.flexiciency-h2020.eu/
More information about Memority solution: http://www.memority.com/ 
More information about SOLENN project: http://www.smartgrid-solenn.fr/en/

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