Greetings from Greencities Malaga

FLEXICIENCY was present again this year in the Greencities Malaga fair that took place 25th and 26th of April, and represented by Jaime Briales and Eduardo Poyato from the Municipality of Málaga.

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Will we have you at FLEXICIENCY stand at Greencities Malaga?

Ir a la HomeGreencities is the meeting point of all the agents involved in Smart Cities construction, and already a familiar event for the FLEXICIENCY Spanish partners. It is the forum to talk about future cities, and itis an initiative shared among institutions, municipalities, businesses and professionals focused on the projection of sustainable and smart cities. It will take place on 25th and 26th of April and will involve more than 170 companies and 270 Smart cities, representing 42 countries. FLEXICIENCY project will showcase the activities delivered in the Spanish demonstrator, that shows how the European Market Place could facilitate the development of novel services, like remote monitoring and optimization of the loads and flexibility offers. The partners involved in the Spanish demo are: Municipality of Malaga, CIRCE, Endesa Distribución, Endesa Energia, Siemens and cyberGRID.

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