mission 730


4 major Distribution System Operators (in Italy, France, Spain and Sweden) with smart metering infrastructure in place, associated with electricity retailers (including one operating in a no-smart-meter environment), aggregators, software providers, a system integrator, research organizations and one large consumer, are undertaking 5 large-scale demonstrations to show that the deployment of efficient novel services in the electricity retail markets (ranging from advanced monitoring to local energy control, and flexibility services can be accelerated thanks to an open European market place based on standardised interactions among electricity stakeholders, opening up the energy market also to new players at EU level.

The services resulting from the proposed technical framework will empower real customers with higher quality and quantity of information on their energy consumptions (and generation in case of prosumers), addressing more efficient energy behaviours and usage such as through advanced energy monitoring and control services.

Accessibility of metering data, close to real time, made available by DSOs - under customer consent - and in a standardised and non-discriminatory way to all players in the electricity retail markets (e.g. electricity retailers, aggregators, ESCOs and end consumers), will facilitate the emergence of new markets for energy services, enhancing competitiveness and encouraging the entry of new players and benefitting energy customers. Economic models of these new services will be proposed and assessed.